Friday, December 17, 2010

Violent Scene

I am shivering. I just saw a man kicked, slapped and punched his son, which I think is about 4 years old.

The man wanted to go to the Bank for some transactions, I guess and the son insisted to follow. He instructed the boy to wait in the car but the son reluctant. Once he leaves the car, the son follow and opens the car’s door. He returned and slapped him. He turned and wanted to leave again and the son ignores his warning and opens the car’s door again. He carried the son and threw him in the car and kicked him. I want to stop him but am too timid to do so. I saw another man who observed the entire event, I request for his assistant to stop the man.

Eventually, the crazy man seems realized we are watching his act. He finally turned and went to the Bank by ignoring his son. The son, stubbornly, opens the car’s door and follows his foot step to go into the Bank.

How can a man treats his son so violently? The boy only wants to follow him and I don’t think the boy will create any trouble for him as well. Really heartbroken and feel sick about the man. On another hand, I feel so shameful for myself for not extend my hand to the boy.

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