Sunday, September 20, 2015

Why I attended Bersih Rally?

I hv attended to Bersih 4 rally with one of my very close friends.

The objective of us is very simple - we want to tell the government that we RAKYAT want the truth.

1) The truth of the source of RM2.6 billion deposited to PM's account.
2) The dissatisfaction that both AG n PAC's investigation being interrupted.
3) Press freedom. Suspension of The Edge is way out of logic.

We are non-partisan. We attended the rally not because of any political parties. We indeed feel sorry that the noble causes of BERSIH has been politically hijacked.

We are not RACIST. We attended the rally for the hope of the BEST for our future generations, for Malaysia as a whole. 

We hope that we have a leader who is clean, who can lead the nation to progress forward. We want to achieve "Wawasan 2020" oh which is slowly being forgotten.

We know that we can change nothing by attending a Rally. But sitting at home does not help too. I believe we will try whatever ways, whether workable or not, when we are helpless n desperate.

A quote from Lee Kuan Yew: Whatever good strategy is useless without a good n capable leader to implement.

Simulate the quote: No matter how much resources we have is useless without a capable n honest leader to utilise d resources.