Tuesday, April 30, 2013

To all my friends who are supporting BN

To all my friends who are supporting BN, I sincerely plead you to reconsider your decision at least for 1 time at this general election.

I do not know whether our Pn Rosmah have spent lavishly with the Rakyat's money but what i know is there are a lot of contractors who need to spend some money before they were awarded with the contracts. I hope that we can minimize if not mitigate the corruption in the country. The only way to mitigate and minimize the corruption is to let the new management to unveil and rectify the root problem.

Every time i read the news on auditor report that how our government servants have spent unnecessary money to purchase something at a higher price or unnecessary things, my heart feel a pinch. I hope our taxpayer money can be used in a wiser way. I hope that our money can be channel to needy people or to improve our life. The only way to reduce the misuse of public funds is to have a new management. I think all of us will work harder and more carefully when we report to a new boss right?

I may not see how bad Lynas will impact our life and affect our next generation now but i do not wish that the tragedy that beleaguered our Bukit Merah residents to happen on people in Kuantan and the whole Malaysia. The only way we can stop Lynas is to have a new government who will stop the operation of this dangerous plant.

Teoh Beng Hock's sister is my friend. I see with my eyes how the incident affected them. If there is nothing to hide, why do we need to deny to have Thai pathologist Dr Pornthip to unveil the truth? Imagine if Teoh Beng Hock is our own brother/sister, how does it affect us? Do we want to have a justice for him? Do we want to know the truth? The only way to have the truth to unveil to have justice not only for Beng Hock but a lot of other victims is to have the new government to revamp the entire systems.

Please, please reconsider your choice.

Though i cannot confirm that the opposition will be a better government but at least we can use them to unveil and rectify the corruption, to have our government servants to spend the tax payers' money in a wiser way, to stop Lynas, to have the justice for the victims who have passed away under the care of our MACC and police.

To me, clean and safe society is far more important than a robust but dangerous development.

I sincerely hope that we share the same vision.