Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Sex attack cabbie jailed 82 years but only be behind bars for 14 years

“A taxi driver who called himself “Uncle” was jailed 14 years and ordered to be whipped five times for raping, attempting to rape and molesting seven underage girls.

He was sentenced to 82 years in jail but will only be behind bars for 14 years as the Ampang Sessions Court ordered that the sentences run concurrently from his date of arrest.”

What an insulting sentence?

Created so much pain to the girls and only behind bars for 14 years?

Don’t you think the sentence is too light for such a crime?

How can this deter people from committing such a crime?

You raped one girl, you will be jailed for certain years. You raped few girls, the sentence also will run concurrently…

Really sick to read this.

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