Friday, August 13, 2010

I don’t want mummy, says girl in custody fight

I read this news from The Start online today where this little girl, Low Bi-Anne, aged 11 refused to follow her mother despite the high court order for the custody of the child to the mother.

During the process, the little girl has sat close to her father. When the court ask the little girl to give her mother, who has taken care her for nine months, a chance, the little girl refused and fought back that the father has taking care of her for 10 years.

I am neither a judge nor a lawyer. I don’t have any legal background and I dare not to question our court ruling as I am just an little ordinary citizen of this country. However, to me, this case is pretty clear cut and the parent in this case should not bring this matter to the court. If you love your children, you should respect their decision. Since she is more comfortable with the father, let her be with the father. What the mother can do is trying to approach the child gradually and the father should also give reasonable access to the mother to shower her love to the little girl.

Even if we have successfully “force” the girl to follow her mother, this will not do anything good to her health mentally and emotionally.

So, parent out there, despite differences between both of you, please minimise the involvement of you children. Please respect them and do not force them to choose. We are all in modern age and I believe that we can handle it pretty well, right?


  1. You're right.. Why should a little kid choose, mummy or daddy? They should have both!~

  2. Totally agreed with you ! Really. pity this little girl who forced to accept the court order to follow her mother whom she is not willing to be with. Can imagine, how sad & hurt feeling she has.haih.....