Friday, May 28, 2010

My Wishlist

There are two peoples impressed me very much for the past few days. The first is a trainer for a personal development training i attended on Tues and the other one is my colleague in another department. Both of them have a similar point which is they moved around the organisation to different department and they have moved up to the corporate ladder gradually. I fully understand that the exposure is very important for us who wants to advance in our career and i was ambitious once upon a time. Though i wish i can continuous to move up, i have too many constraints. First, i would say that JB does not have too many opportunities and secondly, i am not longer mobile with family commitment. And again, i fully aware that “If there is a will, there is a way”, may be i am just finding excuses for myself.

Actually, my colleague in other department impressed me not because he is rising when he moved around but his social skill when liaising with client. He is so friendly to not only the boss but also the staff. He can discuss serious topics with the boss yet he can jokes with lower level staff. I have thought of my boss’ boss – Mr. D. Some of my colleague does not like him but i admire him. He too, has a very good social skill. When he communicates to client, be it delivering the bad news, courtesy visits, first time visits, i see the professionalism in him. I hope in one day, i can feel free, have full confidence and show my professionalism when talk to my clients be it business matters or personal happenings.

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