Friday, May 28, 2010

I want to...

The mind is in deep mess and feeling very stress with too many thoughts in mind. 24 hours a day is really insufficient to me. I have so many dreams, i have so many things that i want to do and my work in the office is never end and getting tougher and tougher and heavier and heavier.

For family, i want to spend more time with my baby, hubby, mummy, sister. I want to prepare nice and warmth meal for them, i want to grow up with my baby, i want to continuously share my life and my thought with hubby, i want to talk to my mummy and i want to chat with my sister. I want to grow and at the same time protect our family wealth.

For myself, i want to improve myself and enjoy my life. I want to read magazine, i want to be an active blogger, i want to realise my business plan, i want to learn better social skill, i want to expose to numelogy, i want to read novel, i want to read other people blogs, i want to do household, i want to study more about investment, i want to plan my life, i want to have my hair done and the list goes on.

At work, i have to continuously processing the new loans, reviewing the existing loans, handling the existing customers requirement, meeting up with management expectation, juggling the compliance issues, exploring the potential loan, managing others department queries, attending training, meeting, site visitation, completing the reports, reports and reports.

Oh, please tell me how should i plan for my 24 hours in a day to have all the above being achieved?!


  1. life is short ! don't overstress yourself, noone can do all this thing at one time. Sit back, relax & enjoy the meaningful & quality of life as much as you can.

  2. Thanks for the advice, my dear!