Wednesday, May 26, 2010

A Famosa Resort

Prior to the Trip
Hubby and I decided to go for a short trip to A Famosa early of the month. As it is a very spontaneous decision, we did very little survey.

Tried to call the Sales Office of A Famosa Resort but failed as there is nobody pick up the call. As time is essence (only 2 days away from our trip), I tried to call Tourism Malaysia office in Malacca to have the hotel contact no. Thumbs up for the officer for their professionalism and friendliness to assist =P.

The reasons for me to call to the resort is just to check on the basic information on the resort i.e. the facilities that they offered, is buffet breakfast included and is the internet booking rate still applicable. The first time when I called, a Malay lady picked up the call. She is so nervous when I spoke English to her (and mind you that my English is not superb) and what she said is just:” Err..ahh… hold on.” Then, she just past me to a phone where nobody picks up the call.

When I called 2nd time, the same Malay lady pick up the call and this time she past me to Front Office. When I checked with the FO officer, an Indian lady whether the internet booking rate is similar to walk in rate, she can’t answer me right away either. Again she asked me to wait. While I wait, I can hear some noise here and there and after almost 10 minutes I hold on the phone (yes, I am that patience to wait for 10 min), the phone just been hung up suddenly.

I was so angry and frustrated and I called the resort for 3rd time. This time, another Malay lady picked up the call. When I told her that I want to speak to the Manager On Duty, she is so concern and asked me for a reason. I explained to her my encounter and she transferred my call to FO again instead of the manager. The same Indian lady picked up the call again.

Me: (Angry) What is your name?
FO: Err..err…my name is Mxxxxxi.
Me: Mxxxxi, why u hung up my call just now? Have you got the answer for my questions?
FO: Err…err... I am sorry. I am new. I can’t get you the answer.
Me: I don’t care whether you are new or not. It is not right for you to hung up my call. Don’t you have senior to guide you?
FO: Err..they are all busy.
Me: I am very frustrated with your service. I want to talk to your manager on duty.
FO: I am sorry madam. Can I call you back?

Agree with this poor Indian lady who has been frightened by me. =P And, good enough, she has returned my call within the 15 minutes time limit I set and answered all my questions.

The horrible call experiences made us very disappointed to A Famosa Resort even before we reach there. So, both hubby and I keep on reminding ourselves don’t expect much from this resort.

For A Famosa Resort, please provide training to your staff especially the receptionist. As a receptionist, the staff is representing your hotel, and being the only resort (if exclude condotel, villa), she is representing Malacca and since Malacca is the most popular tourist attraction, she is representing Malaysia. If she is not able to converse at least the basic English, how can she handle the foreigners who talks with their own ascent? With this type of conversation skill and attitude, I am really worried about our country good name.


  1. I think their service is very bad, too!

  2. yah, we are really disappointed with them during our stay..