Sunday, March 7, 2010

Single, married and married with child...

Facebook is a IN thing nowadays. Almost everybody has their Facebook to get connect with friends, classmates, schoolmate (know or not so familiar), colleagues and etc etc. From Facebook u can peek into others life so easily if your friends always update their status and photos.

I like to browse through my friends’ page each time i log into the Facebook. Looking at their life are so fantastic, are so much excitement, are so eventful, are so energetic. Those single and available, those married without a child, they travelled around the country and the world, they attended all sort of event, they participated in almost all gathering organised by anybody, they are pursuing their dream by going overseas, for study, for working holiday, for...

With all these, sometimes i feel a little bit down looking at my own life. It is a routine, from Monday to Sunday, without excitement and spice. My freedom is limited being a mother, i can’t go anywhere and anytime i want as need to think about the baby. (Hubby is good enough and gives me lots of freedom. Sometimes it is just that my own natural feeling of responsible that can’t let me go out freely without the feeling og guiltiness)

My ability to attend all the gatherings and parties also limited caused i have married to Johor – a state which is 400km away from my home town –KL. Whenever i have chance to go home, be it long or short holiday, family members will always expect me to spend my time with them, and again, the feeling of guiltiness arise again if i go out with friends.

Because of all these GUILTINESS and because i am not a good social butterfly, i have lost touch with so many friends.

I am now just an ordinary woman who sometimes feels satisfy (sometimes not) looking at the growing son and a very good husband.

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