Sunday, March 7, 2010

My Cambodia Maid

My replacement maid finally arrived on Friday. She is quite young (22 years old) and good looking. For the past two days, though she did thing quite slow but thorough enough. The most important thing is my son and in-laws like her. Though both of us are like chicken and duck talking..everything go on quite smoothly cause i am not too particular and demanding. My principal is: As long as she did whatever i ask her to do and able to do it OK, then, i am OK.

Tonight, my son is quite naughty and very hard to put him to sleep. As i am yet to pass my clothes for the maid to soak (for tomorrow washing), i carried the baby and went to the maid’s room. When we approaching her room, we heard that she is sobbing. She told me that she miss her mother in Cambodia and one of her sisters also work in Malaysia. Ask her whether she want to send a letter back home, she can’t get what i mean. My heart feels a pinch. I am trying to comfort her but not sure how much she can understand me.

With this incidence, i have thought about all maids who work in a foreign land. Though some of them are dumb, some of them can’t live up to the employers’ mark and some of them really bad (with ill intention), may be they all worth for our pitiness. They all travelled so far from their home country just to earn some money so that the family members can have a better life. Why can’t we lower our standard and treat them a little bit better?

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