Tuesday, June 14, 2011

2 3 4 Days

I have been abandoned this blog for far too long. Too tired when reach home and most of the time I have been dozed off when accompany |Voei Ton to sleep.

So many things that I have yet to jote down and I know that with every new encounters, fresh feeling, the old one will gradually lose its charm for me to jote down.


Voei Ton second day to school is fine and I have been able to describe his personality to his class teacher. On the second day morning, I stop my car in front of the school and surprisingly, he allows his class teacher to carry him to the school. After I park my car, I go and peep on him and he is just doing fine though still no interaction with other kid. He sit on a small chair together with other kids and play the block together. After some 15 minutes, I tell myself to let go and don’t be over protective. So, I go home and wait to fetch him from school.

I go to the school again at 10.30 am as the teacher informed us that the newly enrolled children can go back slightly earlier before they familiarize with the entire environment. When I reach the school, I peep at Voei Ton again and do not want to disturb him or to let him realize that mummy is here. He is ok in the classroom, walk here and there as the children just finished their swimming class. When one the kid tells teacher that he wants to go toilet, Voei Ton go and approach the teacher and tell the teacher he wants to go to the toilet as well. I am so happy for his courageous. He is not as shy as I think.

When he steps out the classroom and realizes that I am here, he is just blushing.

Second day in school goes well. Teacher informed that he is a little timid to go the center of the swimming pool unless the teacher holds his hand. He is just sitting at the edge of the swimming pool at other time. Another good news is, teacher assures me and inform me can let Voei Ton goes to school diaper-free.


Third day of school. Today is the first day that Voei Ton does not wear his diaper to school. I am so nervous for him and keep on reminding him that, “Son, if you want to go toilet, remember to tell teacher Sunitha. You can just tell teacher, teacher I want to go shee-shee.” Voei Ton is so quiet. I remind him along the way from home to school.

When he reached school, similar to yesterday, he happily waves goodbye to me. Again, I peep on him again to ensure that he is fine before I leave the school with a more open heart.

Today, I reach the school at 11.00 am and stand outside of his classroom without him realize until the teacher tells him. His class teacher is so excited and tells me that: “Wow, today your son is able to call my name and tell me what he wants. You know, for the first half year I teach in this class, only 1 student is able to call my full name and your son is the second one.” I am blushing with the praise that Voei Ton gets. Then, the teacher continues: “Voei Ton sang few songs in front of the class. His gesture is like he is holding a mic.” This time, I am fairly surprise. He is so shy in front of us and every time when we ask him to perform, he will just hide behind our back.

To prove what she said is true, teacher asks Voei Ton to call her but Voei Ton hides at my back instead of calling her.

I keep on thinking that are we too protective over him, hence, make him so dependant on us. He lost his courageous and confidence in front of us.

What is the way that we can encourage him more?


On the fourth day, Voei Ton is having MC due to high fever…..haha…


On the fifth day, it is mummy’s turn to not feeling well…


  1. 紫清,glad to hear from you again. How are you feeling today ?
    Voei Ton is really a good boy & did a good job at nursery !
    mummy, no need to worry so much, I am sure Voei Ton will learn to be indepentant & growing up steadily. :)
    Take care ya.

  2. 芷晴妈, i am alright now after many many days of MC. Thanks for your concern. Aih...will let you all know soon what happen this week to Voei Ton after 2 weeks of holiday...