Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Ye Ye, Playground!

Voei Ton is so cute.

This morning, as usual, we passed by the large playground in Taman Setia Indah. The only difference is I pointed at the playground and told Voei Ton: “Playground.” Voei Ton looked at the playground and I asked him: “Do you want to go there?”

He replied: “Go there! Go there!”

I said: “Mummy needs to work. Later, you go Ye Ye’s house, you tell Ye Ye – Ye Ye, I want to go to the playground!”

Son no replied. I shortened my sentence and told him: “Or you can say – Ye Ye, I want playground.”

Knowing the sentence is definitely too difficult for him, I just said it out as a part and parcel of his learning process. I simplified my sentence further: “When Voei Ton sees Ye Ye, Voei Ton can say – Ye Ye, playground!”

Once we reached my in-law house, as usual my father in law stepping out the house. Once Voei Ton sees Ye Ye, unexpectedly, he said: “Ye Ye, playground!” Wow, I am so surprise with this little lad and I am really proud of him.

A memorable day that worth to note it down.


  1. Thanks,prince n pricess mum..

    Mery, welcome and thanks for the praise..

  2. Wai Si, I have got your son's name from this post. Very uniq pronounciation and spelling.