Sunday, November 22, 2009

Roller Coaster Mood

The mood is like a roller coaster this few days. Rushing for deadline and has been working till mid night for two days. Lucky to have hubby to help up to attend to little VT when he woke up at night.

Finally, successfully completed the assignment and grateful that the ultimate boss appreciate and praise the job well done. Who knows the happiness and relief does not last long...after few hours, some not so related colleagues from other department (whom received the assignment of which suppose to be their reference only) sent back the assignment with huge non-value added amendment. Feeling frustrated and sickening...

Pending bosses instruction, went back home early to have a good rest...when reaching home, looking around, feel so save and grateful that i still have a nice house to recover from my frustration. When see my hubby and baby, feeling so bless to have them in my life, to share my up and down, feeling touch to see baby to progress and growing day by day...

This is life. Read from a book..Happiness is forever short term...which will follow by some things that cause u sad, frustrated or have some negative feeling. U need to learn how to cope and blend it well to your life. Remember words from friend - 一念天堂,一念地狱 (your thought may bring you to heaven or hell) 。

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