Saturday, November 7, 2009

又来一次。。。Blogging Again...





This, is not the first time i created my own blog...
My inconsistencies has caused my first blog a total failure...
Hope that i can be successful to maintain a blog this time.

All this while, my mind is running wild with various thought, feeling, opinion..just that have not write it down. Maybe, i am too lazy to do so. I love to write. I started to write since secondary school until university days. I have drop this habit when started to work by giving all sort of excuses like no time, no suitable place and right mood. I married and moved down to Johor last year, too much time and become more sentimental, i started to write again but never share it with anybody.

Recently, have almost gone through all the "life's necessary experiences", married, pregnant, give birth, moved house, bought car and the life start to become blank blank again...Looking at a senior has been very hardworking to maintain and update her blog, the heart start to feel itchy...just don't have enough confidence. Later, another friend from university sms me and told me that can contact and keep in touch with her via her blog, the heart feel more and more itchy...hehe..

Yesterday night, again discovered that there are so many Modermum blogging..and they get to know each other via blog and some have became good friends. Since i have finished my household today, let me OFFICIALLY JOIN THE CROWD to start sharing my life and point of view with you all=)

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