Friday, August 10, 2012

My Feeling

When I was a child, I saw my aunty treated my mum rudely.
My mum was silence that time.
  I asked my mum: “Why you never fight back?”
My mum answered: “Because she is my sister.”
I don’t understand.

When I was a teenager, I saw my aunty treated my mum rudely.
I talked back as a gesture to protect my mum from being bullied.
After my aunty left, my mum scolded me and said: “You should respect my sister.”
I still unable to really accept my mum’s teaching.

When I entered to university, my younger sister was there to talk back when my aunty treated my mum rudely.
She was unfortunate as my aunt dare to give her a slap.

Over the years, all of us grow.

My mum no longer in silence whenever any injustice happens to her. She stands up and talks back. Notwithstanding this, she still insists that we should not interfere and should remains respect the aunty.

We hold tight what she taught us – to respect the aunty no matter what has happened.
We never interfere the old folks issue.
We are just there for own mum and advise her to stay happy and do not let all the non-senses to disturb her and to enjoy life.

As a civilized and grown up people, we solve problem with nice words. We don’t use words like – depression, Mental problem, cari pasal, dog and etc. We control our emotion and we do not expect others to think alike us. Do not blame other for own unhappiness. We do not question others people life. We keep good memory. We do not expect other people to respect us the way that we want. Respect is to be earned not requested. And, we do not feel jealous for things people have but appreciate for what we have.

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