Monday, June 14, 2010

Not walking yet?!

My boy is now 15 months ++ old but still refuse to walk by himself. He can walk very well when we hold one of his little hands. He can even direct us the place he wants to go. He can walk pretty quickly when we hold his hand.

We have tried to dupe him to walk by himself and he succeeded. When his papa held his hand, I stood a distance from him and he walked towards me. He has walked in total eight steps (four steps each time) all by himself without us supporting him. When, he finally realized our trick, he stopped walking and held his papa’s pants tightly. I refused to give in and stood still there. He, too, refused to continue walk without support. He looked at us with pity eyes and look around his surrounding. After a few minutes of hesitant from both sides, he found his solution to walk towards me eventually.

He held his papa’s pants with one hand when he tried to put his hand on the see saw that he needs to put effort to reach on. When he finally get hold on the see saw, he walked to me by holding the see saw. I can’t stop cuddling and hugging him when he reached me. Both hubby and myself were surprised by his inspiration.

My mum once told me that toddle will start to walk automatically when they get ready but I still cannot stop hoping that he can walk independently as soon as possible.

I know that it is good for him to want to hold our hand to go to the direction he wants instead of running here and there all by himself and we need to chase after him but I can’t stop hoping him can run around by himself.

I am determining to find some ideas on line to encourage him walking independently. When I browsed through the internet, I found that many children also only can walk when they reached 16 months, 20 months some even at 22 months. I have a mix feeling after reading these.

However, my heart is enlighten and I felt so impressed and start to let go my worries after i read the following quote by a parent from Berkeley Parents Network about late walker:

“maybe the other parents have never heard this is common among genius children. He may be a profound philosopher more into thinking and internal processes rather than running/ doing physical stuff. I would guess others' hold more judgment on boys for this trait, as boys are pushed toward sports, etc. from earlier on than girls, but certainly our world needs boys and men who are capable of deep thinking.... don't know what to do about others' rudeness but once you become more assured and confident that he IS normal and /or extraordinary the comments may roll off more easily.... good luck with your wonder boy. anon.”

Hehe..this is so good right? Wink..wink…


  1. Wai Si, don't be overly worried that your son is still not able to walk by himself at this stage. If you "think" that he is physically and mentally healthy, then you should be reassured that he is NORMAL. Trust your motherly instinct, they won't lie to you. My son, he started to walk independently when he is about 15 months old and until now at the age of 2, he is still not able to speak one full sentence yet. But I am not worry after all as I trust that he will speak when he is ready. We as parents need to motivate and encourage our children more often to walk the very first step and to speak the very first sentence.

    Hey, post some of your son's photo la ...

  2. Every bb's development is unique..... some fast some slow..... He'll be ready to walk very soon...

  3. don't worry & be patient, mummy.

  4. Julia, thanks for your advice. You know, i have been following your blog even before you get married. So, your bb has set a benchmark for me...hehe..which is 15 months to start walk...=)so, i m quite comfortable until now he turned 16 mths..but, after reading so many comments from web, i feel i m d lucky one.

    prince n princess mum and 芷晴妈: i will be patience...=)

  5. Hi Wai Si, I am very touched that you have been following my blog since the beginning. Boy, you really put a pressure on me this time, haha! Recently I have been quite busy with other thing and hopefully, I will be able to update my blog as often as I can after that ...