Thursday, February 4, 2010

Fortunate or Unfortunate?

Looking at all the cute babies photos that sent by friend, I can’t put a smile on my face as I am thinking about those babies with abnormalities that showed on the Octo (a Singapore TV Channel programme). I have only watched for 3 episodes but it give me a really big impact. I have think about the triplet in US who were borned in their 24 weeks. They are blind and deaf. I respect the mother and mother’s boyfriend, who have support the mother all these years. (The biological father has gone nowhere.) Then, the second family with a daughter who has never grown up, despite already 16 years old, the young lady is still like a baby, she need to rely on the walker to walk, she is only the size of a 4 months old baby. The parent and the sister (2 elder and 1 younger) have take care of her for the past 16 years. The recent week has showed a baby with 2 faces – Baby Laili, who was born in a lowest class in India. She has not survived. But it may be a good thing to her parent.

Watching all these unfortunate cases that happened on the parent, I feel sad for them and I thanks god for giving me a healthy baby. I remembered when I first watched the show on the Triplet, I can’t sleep and tears flowed down from my face when looked at my own child. On the other hand, I feel happy for these children for having parents and family members who love them and have not give up on them. They are fortunate in another way.

Fortunate or unfortunate, this is a choice of yours.

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