Sunday, January 10, 2010

My Cambodian Maid

My Cambodian maid – Phong Ley arrived Malaysia on 14 Dec 2009. I went down to KL to pick her up on 18 Dec. She is shivering when the agent left, so do i. She feels nervous to have faced some strangers and i feel nervous to have a stranger at home.

My Cambodian maid is not bad (first impression) despite not great. She doesn’t know much English but i m satisfy that she knows the simple instruction, i.e. sweep the floor, mop the floor, wipe the table, wash the cloth and etc. She knows the name of some things at home, i.e. television, cd player, vacuum cleaner, blender, grill, window, plate, chopsticks and etc. She also knows some basic conversation like i full, i no hungry, i bath, good morning, good night...

This Cambodian maid only problem is she will feel dizzy when travel in car...even for short distance like from Sentul to Jalan Ipoh...a mere 10 min drives...

I have left her with my my mum and sister’s family on 20 Dec and plan to bring her back to Johor on 1st Jan after my trip to north. Aih..who knows i don’t have “yuan fen” with her as the agent called and asked us to send her back as she has failed her Fomema checking.The scene when we sent the Cambodian Maid back is so touch as she cried when we told her that we needs to send her back to the agent. On the other hand, my niece and nephew also cried and not allowed her to leave despite only know her for 3 days.

Despite the Cambodian Maid is mainly to assist my mum in law to take care of my baby, still have some kind of relief when think that the Cambodian Maid can assist myself and hubby on household. Thought that with the Cambodian maid, i can start to plan and implement my various GREAT plans for the new year. And the dream is now broken and i need to wait for two more months for another “UNCERTAINTY” to arrive. Meantime, i need to fight with the evil maid agency.

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  1. My cambodian maid also vomit whenever she sit in the car...... Last time even near near journey she'll vomit and dizzy.... Now getting better though...